No more delays to planning applications because a species survey deadline is missed – I plan ahead to ensure you have the correct information, gathered at the optimum survey time, prior to submission.

In an area where both timing and meticulous approach are critical, I provide a comprehensive solution. I undertake enhanced Phase One habitat surveys,
and having worked extensively on surveys for great crested newts, badgers and otters, I’m well placed to advise on these cases.

• Highways Agency, A74 Evan Water Diversion Ecological Surveys and Implementation

I undertook the ecological surveys prior to the A74 being upgraded to motorway standard, and the Evan Water being diverted. To compensate for habitat loss, I designed and implemented mitigation measures such as artificial otter holts, fencing to prevent otter access to the motorway, and landscaping with a high proportion of native shrub cover. This complex project involved liaising with engineers, landscape architects, fisheries consultants and machine operators on-site. I’m delighted to say that today, the Evan Water Diversion project is quoted as an example of good practice by the Scottish Executive and SEPA.

• Staffordshire County Council, Biddulph Inner Bypass Ecological Surveys and Public Inquiry

• Wimpey Homes, Cambusnethen Housing
Estate Habitat Survey and Public Inquiry

• Countryside Council for Wales, Code of
Best Practice for Hedgerow Management

• Loch Earn Caravan Parks Ltd., Ecological
Survey for the Extension of the Red Lion
Caravan Park, Arbroath

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