In a marketplace where there’s no shortage of consultants to choose from, here’s why I believe I offer the solution you’re looking for:

Strong academic and practical qualifications My Botany degree from The University of Dundee and MSc from Wye College are complemented by extensive hands-on Survey work over many years, providing you with the right blend of theoretical and practical knowledge.

Ability to fit in fast with your team I offer you the capability to gear-up quickly when times are busy. As an independent, I can swing into action straightaway, working either in your offices or my own.

Experience with big and small projects
With two decades of working on projects
of all sizes behind me – from Scottish Power to a caravan park, and from Transco to a local housebuilder – I enjoy addressing challenges on every scale.

Fast, friendly and effective…or so I’m told!
I take pride in solving the most complex
issues in a positive and proactive manner.
And because you deal directly with me as the person doing the work, lines of communication are always clear.




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